Exercise & Motivation

Exercise & Motivation, Part 3: Keeping it Going By: Tanja Gardner Note: This is Part 3 of a 4-part article series. You can find Parts 1 and 2 at optimumlife.co.nz/Fitness_Articles.htm THE NEXT STAGE: ACTION The next stage of Prochaska's Transtheoretical model -...

Best Man Speech

Best Man Speech By: Frankie Janiyan You are in a position of honor. Your close friend is assuming the position and he needs your help. He has asked you to be his "best man", to stand by his side and support him through his last act as a free man. You relish your...

20 Minute Home Work Out

By: Diana Statham   If you are busy, not able to get up early morning or have no time for the gym just follow this 20 minute home work out to stay healthy and fit. 1) Jog: in one place for 3 minutes 2) Jumping jacks: 25 repeats When landing, bend your knees slightly...

Puppy Care Tips

By: Ted Belfour   Puppies try to jump at anything and everything during their first year of life. It is worth knowing that this behavior will remain the same when the puppy grows into an adult dog. If you want your dog to keep on jumping on guests, then it is fine to...

Kerrie and Me

The story I told you earlier was totally true. One thing though, I told you to go to our Pet Store. I had forgotten that we took the store down to add Laptops. You can still get there by clicking Pets at the top of the page. We did that because we thought more people...

Me and Kerrie

This is a story about me. I am a widow. I lived alone for several years. Then for some reason it seemed my house (and even me) got very sad. I thought about it a lot. I finally decided what I needed was another heart beat there. I adopted my dog, Kerrie. Now my house...


Does your husband have all the tools or are you a man who is tired of going to the garage for the big tool box to do  a little job in the house or having to bring  them to the office where there are no tools. Well, I have a solution for all these circumstances. See...


I bet it has been a long time since you've seen one of these with cassettes and DVDs being the thing now.  I don't know about you, but I think there isn't any sound like what you get from a turntable and an old album. I'm sure you have some albums you would like to...

Electonics can be fun

Your cell phone and tablets are electronics. You can read your email, you can play games and have all kinds of fun. Just go to the app store and you can download all types of games. They are great for those long waits in the waiting room. The time passes a lot faster...

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