The story I told you earlier was totally true. One thing though, I told you to go to our Pet Store. I had forgotten that we took the store down to add Laptops. You can still get there by clicking Pets at the top of the page. We did that because we thought more people would want Laptops. It is my goal to please the public.Like I said, the story of Me and Kerrie it true. I never had any children. But don’t feel bad for me, because I had a niece that took most of my time. I guess you could say I got all my mothering out on her. But now I have Kerrie. I call her my Baby Doll. I love her because she is the only “child” I ever had. I did have a very big solid black German Shepard once, but as you might imagine he was not a lap dog. That is what I wanted this time. Kerrie fits that perfectly. She loves me so much she always wants to be close to me. Of course the love is mutual. Well, guess I have told you enough about me for now. Maybe more latter. Bye